White Outdoor Jikatabi Boots - High Top

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White Tabi Boots 10 traditional light metal tabs (kohase) with three position closures to give you a custom fit. 

Strong canvas, rubberized at the edges with flexible tough-gripping rubber tread soles. 

These Tabi Boots are excellent for martial arts. Tough but flexible rubber tread keeps you grounded. 

PLEASE MEASURE CAREFULLY in cm or convert from inches to make sure your boots fit properly. To measure: Stand on a piece of paper in bare feet and have someone else trace around the bottom of your foot with the pencil perpendicular to the paper. On the piece of paper measure the diagonal distance from the longest toe (usually but not always the big toe) to the middle of your heel. Our Tabi Boots are sized in centimeters. If your foot is 28 or 28.1 cm, for instance, the 28 cm. boot will be too small for you and you should take the 29 cm. If your foot is under 28 cm, then the 28 cm boot will fit you.