Custom Swords

Customize Your Own Japanese Sword




Use the contact form to give us a vision of your perfect Japanese sword and the use of it. We will then contact you with suggestions and come to an agreement on your finished product. We will then send you an invoice and once it has been paid we will start production on your sword. Swords can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to be delivered depending on the options you select. Prices range anywhere from $200 up to $1000. So we can work with almost any budget!

Options of a custom sword includes:

  • Sword Size: Katana, Wakizashi, Tanto and custom size you choice. (sharpened or unsharpened)
  • Blade Type: from the most basic 1060 steel, to high quality kobuse blades.
  • Hi (blood groove): no groove or with groove.
  • Ito (handle cord): Choose from cotton or slik or leather ito wrapping in a varitey of hues. 
  • SAME'GAWA(ray skin): 6 colors to choose from.
  • Tsuka-maki(handle wrapping): Heneri-maki or Katate-maki.
  • SAYA(scabbard): Select from normal saya or high quality saya in a variety of hues.
  • Sageo (saya cord): 8 kinds of sageo to choose from.
  • Tsuba Fittings: Choose from over one hundred unique blade guard designs.
  • Sword Bag: 7 kinds of beautiful sword bag for free choosing.
  • Note: you can write any additional requests here, such as free engraving, other fittings or designs