Shitagake (Individual)

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Made from 100% cotton, the Shitagake underglove helps protect your valuable Yugake by absorbing sweat and oil from your hands.


Yugake Sizes
Size Thumb Length (cm) Index Finger Length (cm) Middle Finger Length (cm) Thumb Width (cm) Index Finger Width (cm) Middle Finger Length
SS ~6.5cm ~8cm ~8cm ~3cm ~2.5cm ~2.5cm
S ~7cm ~8cm ~8cm ~3cm ~3cm ~3cm
M ~7cm ~8cm ~9cm ~3cm ~3cm ~3cm
L ~8cm ~8.5cm ~9cm ~3.5cm ~3cm ~3.5cm
LL ~8.5cm ~9cm ~9cm ~4cm ~3cm ~3.5cm


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