Judo Training For Competition

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Learn what it takes to be a judo champion. Training for Competition: Judo: Coaching, Strategy and the Science for Success by Hayward Nishioka, offers new challengers and longtime defenders a fresh perspective on how to condition oneself mentally and physically for judo competition. This extensive handbook combines four perspectives: the science of the art, competitive strategy, coaching tactics, and practical training. A clear and focused coaching plan is presented, providing competitors with the most efficient tools to prepare for matches. Featuring chapters on cardiovascular preparedness and resistance training, this in-depth guide also covers step-by-step instructions for improving technique, how to maintain ideal body weight, tips for avoiding injury, and risk management. Training for Competition: Judo: Coaching, Strategy and the Science for Success includes detailed photographic sequences, easy-to-read captions, and prominent illustrations applicable for both beginning and advanced judo practitioners and coaches. 


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