Bujinkan Shinobigatana Ninjato

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The Shinobi-gatana is now for the first time being offered here with true to historical spec's. Though there are a vast many variations to the specs, Most of the specs are met within the size, measurements, etc offered in this hard to find Ninja-To. The Tsuka being offered on this hard to find piece is a perfect 14" length. Which makes for the perfect balance and control fitted to the short 23.5" blade for faster drawing up close and close quarters manipulation. Powders can be placed into the bottom of the Saya.

The 43.5" overall length when the blade is sheathed it appears to be a full length katana, this illusion, compounded with the light weight of the blade makes for lightening fast drawing and cutting. With the length/size of this Ninja-To it can be used either one or two handed.


Product Description

This is the Handmade Shinobi-Gatana Ninja-To made from 1060 carbon steel deferentially hardened blade with bohi. The blade has been constructed from deferentially tempered 1060 carbon steel with a authentically created hamon. The blade comes with a bohi and is full tang and very sharp. The saya is wooden and black high gloss color. silk/chemical-fiber sageo sagio. The habaki is brass and the tsuba is iron, with a black dragon in the design and black color finish. The fuchigashira are a higo style, built for comfort. The ito is black fiber over real ray skin samegawa. The tang is double pinned with bamboo mekugi.




Overall Length:43.5 "
Blade: Available sharp or dull
Nagasa Length:23.5 "
Blade Material:1060 Carbon 
Deferentially Tempered
Tsuka Length:14"

Ito & Sageo Material: Black Chemical Fiber
Weight W/O Saya:2.40 LBS
Balance Point:3.75 "
Tsuba Material:Iron / black color
Hardness of Yakiba:54

ALSO INCLUDES: sword bag. Sword stand sold separately