The Hidden Tool

The Hidden Tool

Posted by Sydney Brackins on Feb 19th 2021

The perfect combination of a historical weapon and a modern-day self-defense tool… the Kusari Fundo/Manrikigusari. There was a time in Japan from 1603-1868 known as the Edo Period, a time in history marked by an era of significant social restoration and peace. Most weapons during this time were outlawed, but there were many new ones to emerge known as ‘bloodless’ weapons.

The Kusari (for short) is a chain connected by two weights/handles. Used most commonly by policeman or castle guards during that time, the Kusari was implemented as an easily concealable restraining tool. There are many schools, or ryu, that teach proper use of the Kusari. And, for safety purposes, a training variation is used; these are rope, versus chain, with firm non-metal handles as the grips or ‘weights’.

Unlike a knife, a training Kusari would raise no alarm bells; it doesn’t appear as a ‘weapon’. This means it can be carried in plain sight through airport security for example… I say this, because I strap one to my luggage on every trip (works as a great bag-marker, too!) They can be used to strike with, block, catch, and restrain.

The best part is, a training Kusari is very inexpensive! You can check out the one we have for sale, or you can view our ‘live’ Kusari as well. We highly recommend anyone to add one of these to their self-defense arsenal, as the training variation is legal worldwide!