"And in this Closet is my Sword Collection..."

"And in this Closet is my Sword Collection..."

Posted by Sydney Brackins on Jun 1st 2020

Pause right there. You keep your swords in your closet?? That’s just like the gentleman who told me he keeps them somewhere in his garage collecting dust! Even if your swords are inexpensive, taking care of them is easy and not much more effort than chucking them in a dark space in your house. We offer a couple different stands to proudly display your sword (or even staff) collection…

1.Wall Mounted Display

This is a great option for anyone who lacks storage space. Not only will your weapons/tools be on display for all your guests to ‘oo’ and ‘aw’ at, they will be kept safe from being scratched, crushed, or lost among your other personal items.

2.Floor Mounted Display

If you have plenty of floor space, or lack wall space, this is the option for you. And not only can you place this display on the ground, it can also be placed on top dressers or tables for a cool centerpiece. This display, although slightly more expensive, is extremely stable and does not tip easily. If you accidentally bump into it or the surface it rests on, rest assured your weapons/tools will remain secure in the display.

These options are great ways to not only display your prized possessions, but they also help you to de-clutter your living area, decorate and enhance the theme of whichever room they’re in, and make a great conversation piece for friends or family when they visit! Plus, these displays can hold more than swords. You could use them to display large knives (tanto), staffs (bo), or even canes.