18 Inch Predator Blowgun

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The 18 inch predator blowgun is one of our smallest, most stealthy blowguns (see the 12" model if you need something sneakier). This blow gun is made in America from quality hand drawn aluminum tubing and its .40 caliber barrel has a dart quiver, sight tip, and mouthpiece. The .40 cal barrel will also work with standard paint-balls (paint-balls and paint-ball quiver are not included.) This blowgun includes 12 reusable steel darts (dart color may vary from picture) and an anti-inhale safety mouthpiece. Also includes a sighting ring for accurate shots (not pictured).

Care must be exercised with this product as the steel darts are extremely sharp and will easily penetrate flesh.

Please note, that the manufacturer is not currently including the foam grip that is pictured and your blowgun will not come with a foam grip